Yep, we got us some Stickers.


   We have stickers and are having a contest with them called “Best place you put your Mosh Mag sticker”.  You will have to take a picture of it in your special location and post it on social media and tag Mosh Mag hashtag it #moshmagsticker .  Winner will get a 1st edition Mosh Mag T-shirt and a Special Limited edition Mosh Mang sticker.Contest ends May 1st so get those stickers and be creative on where you put them. HINT: more people that can see it the better chance you have in winning. Good Luck!!!

   How to get a Sticker? Since it is pricey to ship out a sticker to everyone, we are thinking of either making sure you check to see what concert or gig we are at and get one that way or  sending us a self addressed stamped envelope that is big enough to handle these 5×5 bad boy stickers.

Send SASE to:

 James Willard, C/O Mosh Mag Sticker, 1912 W Bartlett Court, Chandler, AZ 85248