Exodus, Tucson Arizona 10-10-2017


The Rock
Tucson Arizona

So if you haven’t been to an Exodus show your missing out. The ones that have know the energy this band has. If there playing for 70,000 or 350 people they bring it to kill it.Steve “ Zetro” Souza has to be the best Metal front man out there. His stage presence is intoxicating and his voice is spot on. Tom Hunting on Drums is like watching a true artist paint. Effortless and poetic but aggressive as fuck. Jack Gibson on Bass reminds me John Paul Johns. He doesn’t move around a lot but has that bass in overdrive the whole night. Lee Altus is a beast. The sound is amazing and hair in my face and camera made for a funny moment I thought his hair was going to get caught in my camera. Gary Holt couldn’t make this one due to Slayer playing a gig in Philippines but Kragen Lum fills in for him when he is away. Kragen used to play for Heathen (that’s even old school to say out loud). Kragen is an awesome guy and a better guitar player. Spot on the whole night. Even with a lady sitting on his set list the entire night.

If Exodus comes to your town and you don’t go then that is such a waste. And get off your lazy asses and go see them.


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